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This is a collection of all items that fall under the decor category. This includes, but is not limited to: statues, figurines, antique items, utensils, and more. We hope you like what we have!
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Unique. Authentic. & Timeless.

All the items we sell at the Cougar Vintage shop are unique and one-of-a-kind items and collectibles.
We sell only 100% authentic items, guaranteed.
We examine every item on our site before it is collected and picked up for you to purchase!

We lovingly hand-source our vintage items to bring you a wearable collection of beautiful pieces ranging from clothing, shoes, accessories, bags, clutches, purses, jewelry, decor, and more.
We check each item for signs of wear and cleanliness and we describe each item fully.
We classify our vintage shop items as follows:

~ Mint: As new, with no flaws or signs of wear.
~ Excellent: Previously worn, with no notable flaws.
~ Very Good: Previously worn, with minimal noted flaws or signs of wear. No repair needed, fully wearable.

Thank you for your trust in Cougar Vintage!

Vintage item label sizes vary between brands and eras.

Compare the measurements provided within the listing to your own body and a similar item you own to predict the actual size and fit.